# Privacy Policy

This extension only collects anonymous device browser information when Google Analytics is enabled. Saladict author will offer prioritized support to popular devices and browsers.

Extension settings are synced via browser sync services.

Notebook data is stored locally by default. User may choose third party sync services which may collect synced data.

Search text and releated cookies will be sent to third party dictionary services(just like how you would search on their websites). If you do not want third party services to collect you data, remove the dictionaries at "Dictionaries" settings.

To Folks Out There Who ❤️ Saladict

The Saladict project would not have come this far without its supporters. As a free, ad-free, open sourced non-profit project, it is beyond expectation receiving such an overwhelming response. Please allow my sincere respect, to you. Thank you for your contribution!

If you enjoy using Saladict please help more people find out this extension. You can:

Disclaimer: Saladict is a free and open-sourced project for study purpose only. Anyone can obtain a copy of Saladict free of charge. Before your donation please confirm that this is not an act of purchasing but a voluntary gift support for the author, who do not offer any corresponding service in return. Thank you for your understanding🙏.

If you believe your legal rights have been violated please contact the author immediately.

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