# Works Outside of Browser

Theoretically there are two ways for making Saladict work outside of browser:

  • Search clipboard content with global shortcut(which is the theory behind all current toolchains).
  • Native messaging via browser API(Not implemented. PRs are welcomed!).

# Trigger Saladict Searching Without Opening Browser Window

  1. Open Saladict settings, enable "Keep in Background".
  2. Search background in Chrome Settings, enable:
    Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed
  3. Add Chrome to system startup.

# Search Clipboard Content With Global Shortcut

On browsers that offer global shortcuts for extensions(Currently only Firefox does no support global shortcuts):

  1. Open chrome://extensions/shortcuts, set a Global shortcut for Search clipboard content in Standalone Panel.
  2. Copy any text, then press the shortkeys.

With this pattern we can search any text outside of browser. Many skillful users of Saladict also have found out ways to automate this process with other tools. Thank them for taking the time to make and share all of these magnificent tutorials!

# Windows

# Quicker


The author also shared tutorials on OCR, PDF notation and mouse gesture!


# PantherBar


Similar to PopClip on MacOS.


# MacOS

# Alfred Workflows


Alfred Workflows

# Popclip



Got more ideas? Welcome to share your own tutorials!

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