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Looking Up Words Has Never Been Easier

Saladict supports mixed use of multiple search modes.

Whether it be single-click, double-click, pop-up icon, hovering or keyboard shortcuts, you name it.

Multiple dictionaries will be searching at the same time.

The combination of result is adjusted dynamically according to the language and length of the search text and Saladict profile.

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Good Words Are Kept, Safe and Sound

Saladict comes with search history and a vocabulary notebook.

Context of each word will also be captured and translated.

Notebook can be synced across devices via WebDAV, or be exported to other apps for memorization.

Saladict Notebook

Multilingual Support, More Than You Expect

Although Saladict is built for looking up English words, it also supports other languages.

Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese, Korean, French, German and Spanish are supported with dictionaries.

Other languages are supported with several machine translation services.

Each dictionary is well polished to a unify style for comfortable reading experience. (You should send love to the author.)

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Reading Foreign Essay Is a Piece of “Paper”

Saladict has three default profiles - Scholar Mode, Translation Mode and Sentence Mode.

These may come in handy when reading, translating and writing essays in foreign language.

There is also a build-in PDF viewer which can be used in conjunction with sidebar-mode standalone search panel.

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